My Homeschool Transcripts™ includes a lot of features, many of which are unique to MyHST. Among its many features are the following:

  • Available from any web browser anywhere, regardless of your computer capabilities or operating system (only requirement is Javascript capability; tested on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera; both Mac and Windows operating systems)
  • Runs on a secure server using SSL connections to protect your sensitive data
  • One-time lifetime license fee; no additional fees or charges ever!
  • Unlimited number of students
  • Unlimited number of subjects/classes
  • Complete customization of “graduation requirements" to fit your particular homeschool’s requirements (and customizable per student)
  • Flexible grading systems to fit your homeschool (you set the grading scale)
  • Flexible number of reporting periods per year (from only 1 to as many as 12) for assigning grades
  • At-a-glance and up-to-the-second view of any student’s progress toward graduation, including cumulative GPA and projected GPA based on current grades for classes still in-progress
  • Ability to add notes to any student’s class for your own records and/or to print as a “Course Description Addendum" with the transcript
  • PDF download and print capability of your transcripts
  • Choose between a transcript format organized by year and a format organized by subject
  • Record any standardized test scores with option to print them on the transcript
  • Record extracurricular activities, awards, honors, etc. with option to print them on the transcript
  • Automatic GPA calculation
  • Honors (AP) course capability to add extra weight to the grades (i.e., A = 5.0), if desired (and you determine the amount of extra weight, if any)
  • Ability to flag dual-enrollment courses (courses taken at a community college, for example), and ability to assign extra weight to grades received in these courses
  • No upgrades to download or purchase–all upgrades are automatically rolled out immediately to all users
  • Free tech support
  • User-driven feature implementation–we add in features that you want!

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