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My Homeschool Transcripts™ comes with a license* for you to use within your homeschool, no matter how many years you homeschool or how many children you have! With your subscription, you’ll receive complete password-protected access to the application, secure and permanent storage of your data in the application’s database, highly responsive customer support (via email), and the ability to print transcripts anytime you need them.

No installation necessary, no future upgrades to install…all you need is an ordinary web browser (such as the one you’re using right now). You can even access your data anywhere from any computer without having to install anything. So, to sign up, please choose click on the link for the type of account you wish to create:


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*MyHST License Terms and Conditions:

• Due to the nature of our service, all purchases are final. We do not offer refunds.

• For paid accounts, the cost of the subscription covers ongoing storage of your data on our servers, as well as 24×7 access to your account. If you cancel your subscription and wish to reactivate it at a later date with your data intact, it is necessary to pay whatever amount is necessary to cover the lapsed payments and bring the account current. (Note that we are under no obligation to store your data after cancelation and any data deleted upon canceling your account cannot be retrieved.)

• The license is only valid for use within a homeschool, and only within the homeschool of the original purchaser. Using the service to generate transcripts for any students outside of your own homeschool is prohibited and may result in termination of your license without refund. (If you have needs for this service outside of this parameter, such as a private school or homeschool co-op group, please contact us to inquire about special pricing and accommodation for that.)

• We offer amazingly responsive customer service via email (support requests can be submitted from within the application for ease of use). We are not currently equipped to do phone support, but we strive to respond promptly and helpfully to every support request received. Please contact us if you have any problems with the application at all.

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