FREE Transcripts

Don’t have a need for a lifetime license? Maybe you just have one child and you’re already done with all of their grading and record-keeping, and you just want to be able to print a nice official transcript. Or maybe you’d like to see a sample transcript before purchasing the product.

(Important Note: Data from the free transcript generator is not stored on our server after the transcript is generated, and can not be carried over into your paid version.)

Whatever the reason (and we don’t need to know!), you are welcome to generate “one-off" transcripts absolutely free of charge by using My Homeschool Transcript’s Free Transcript Generator.

This free version is quite limited in contrast to the licensed version, but should suit your very basic needs. Here is a comparison chart of the two versions:

  Free Version Licensed Version
Enter custom class names
Specify classes as “honors" classes  
Print directly or save PDF file to your computer
Automatic calculation of GPA (weighted and unweighted) unweighted only
Add additional details such as awards, achievements, etc. only in free-form text
Enter standardized test scores only in free-form text
Secure storage of data from session to session  
Customizable grading scale  
Dual-enrollment class tracking  
Customizable weighting of honors and dual-enrollment classes  
Print transcript by year or by subject by year only
Unlimited number of students only 1 per session
Print class descriptions as an addendum to the transcript  
Set up graduation requirements (per student) and view progress at a glance  

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